Friday, 11 May 2007

11th - Struggling with bike

I took this photo last week, it was a fine morning and I noticed this girl struggling with her cycle. Now children & cycles are a rare sight down here due to the many steep hills. The hill here is very steep and many a car finds it a struggle. For anyone who knows the area I believe it is Hoxton Road.


Gerald England said...

Good to see your new blog.
Blogger puts the date in for you, so I'd like to suggest if I may, that you use a descriptive title:

Girl struggling with bike
Hoxton Road
Steep hill
might be suitable titles for this post -- and in the long term it helps google searches to find your posts.

all the best now

Gail's Man said...

Many steep hills, you make it sound like San Francisco!

kris said...

on the up side, the elevation helps to give interesting landscape this one!

Torquay holidays said...

Nice shot. I could see the lovely village. I can't wait to go there.
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